Investigations and Security

A great security expert, Gavin De Baker, author of a beautiful book entitled "The Gift of Fear", emphasizes that security is an untrained emotional state that makes us confuse between "doing" security from "giving" security.

We do security!

In our opinion we should not wait for something to happen, we have to act on time. When you have the feeling that something is wrong, most of the time, it's something to check.
Areas of activity

Let's say that an entrepreneur has been approached for "protection money". Caught by fear, he turns to a security company that puts two giants next to him. This is something that gives security. The two giants, however, are people like us and have to go to bathroom, get tired in standing up and take turns for lunch. Consequently their attention is not always on top and not being familiar with the investigative dynamics they don't realize that are followed. So, when they isolate themselves in lunch break, they are approached and threatened. Is the entrepreneur safe?