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Investigation Consulting

Avoid DIY.
With our advice, you can
save time and money

Corporate Training

Customized solutions
for companies and corporations
in Italy and abroad.

Criminal Investigations

Crime investigations are
our core-business
and our passion.

About us

The Leon Rabi's founding owner is Lt. Rabita, a former Carabinieri Officer, to date President of the Association of Private Investigators one of the most highly appraised in the sector, referent for professional training, teacher of investigative and security sciences, investigative methodologies and techniques, author of several publications on investigations, security, intelligence and anti-mafia, CTU of the Rome Court of Criminal Law, as well as, Privacy Consultant in the field of investigations and security.



Ten. Rabita
Ex-Carabinieri Officer
Ex-Teacher Sapienza Univ.
Rome Court of Law
Forensic Expert
GDPR Privacy Consultant

Our Mission

Is it funny to believe that we would "save the world"? Well we do kind of believe it. We think that in your personal way we can do our best to help those in needs, and we deeply believe that we can help those who ask us for support through our work.

Over the years we have had many clients. With this work you immediately get into other people's lives, you become confidants in a super short time, and it's an enormous responsibility..

For many clients we become friends, for others we are the only ones they can trust, and for others it's just work. In all cases we dedicate attention, attention and responsibility.

Over the years we have learned that we cannot accept all requests, for two reasons:
1) too many cases do not allow us to pay the appropriate professional attention;
2) it is essential to share values and goals with clients.

Areas of expertise

Univ. Teacher of Investigative and Security Sciences
Univ. Teacher of Investigative Methods and Techniques
Univ. Teacher of Security Legislation and Private Investigations
Teacher of History of Private Investigations
Teacher of Counter-terrorism Intelligence Strategies
Teacher of Structural Analysis of Mafia Organizations
Teacher in Operational Engagement Protocols in Sèec. Op..
Teacher of Verbal and Non-Verbal Analysis in the Spec. Op.
Teacher of Risk Analysis (Impact Analisys)
Teacher of Defensive Investigation
Teacher of Privacy New EU Regulation 679/2016


The Origin of Leon Rabi

In 2002 the idea of Leon Rabi was born with the desire to create a business project that represented the values and quality standards in which we have always believed.

The first step was the name. The name search took a long time but the solution was actually within reach because LEON RABI is the first 4 letters of the first name and the first 4 letters of the Owner's last name.

For the logo we looked for something that would visually represent the values we refer to sites in the Christian roots of our beloved Italy. Devotion to St. Michael the Archangel represents one of the oldest devotions in Europe and is common to all monotheistic religions. St. Michael, in all countries and different religions, defeats the step in choosing a logo was almost immediate, St. Michael must be the logo of the nascent Leon Rabi. But how?

Over the years we have made many different choices and the logo has had its own graphic evolution, without betraying its foundation and birth, to date the logo is more modern but always represents our belief in St. Michael the Archangel who, sword in fist and ready to cleave, fights evil every day..

Our motto

Over the years, many clients have approached Leon Rabi, even after having had experience with other entities, submitting to us seemingly desperate cases with no solution. Thus, the phrase "If it's impossible we'll do it!" was born almost by accident.

After so many years, and after solving so many cases that seemed impossible, it seemed natural that Leon Rabi's motto would become by rights "If it's impossible we do it!"

  Leon Rabi - Rome, Italy.

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